Timber to Tempranillo

Father Of Tempranillo

By Noelle Laury, UrbanLink Magazine

When most experienced wine connoisseurs think Tempranillo, they think Spain – and rightly so! Wine makers had been struggling to create a delicious and competitive Tempranillo in the US for a hundred years before Earl Jones decided to get into the wine industry. But Mr. Jones realized that a critical detail was being overlooked by other vineyards, and he was sure that with his new insight, he could make a wine to compete with Spain’s lineage. That critical insight was planting on land in a very specific climate which matched the regions of Rioja and Ribera Del Duero, Spain. In our article we go on-location to meet with Earl Jones and find out how Abacela Winery’s success turned Umpqua Valley’s fame from timber to Tempranillo. See the full article and watch the video interview:

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