Visit the Umpqua Valley

Visit the Umpqua Valley to discover and delight in our variety, natural beauty and adventure.  From wine tours and dining to hiking trails, quaint B&B’s, and state attractions such as Crater Lake and Wildlife Safari, there is something for everyone in the Umpqua Valley.  Escape to one of Oregon’s warmer climates and enjoy our welcoming hospitality to discover an experience on the Umpqua Valley can offer.

Located 1 hour south of Eugene and 3 hours south of Portland, we are just off the I-5 corridor, and once you make the exit, you’ll be off the beaten path in a matter of minutes.  Visit our winery listing or learn about the history of Oregon wine.

Plan your getaway to the Umpqua Valley with our new Wine Tasting Pass and receive complimentary wine tasting at all participating Umpqua Valley wineries.

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Are you flying here via the Eugene or Medford airport?  When you fly on Alaska Airlines, you can fly home with your case of wine as a checked bag with no luggage fee!  Check out the Oregon Wine Flies Free program to learn more.